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an Akimbo Workshop with Seth Godin

Your work matters.

Freelancers are not tiny-little entrepreneurs who haven’t succeeded yet. Freelancers, people like you and me, are doing a different sort of work, the work of a passionate individual.

Too often, though, we’re pushed to merely be cheap labor. Clients with low risk tolerance and competing priorities don’t give us the time or the resources to do our best work.

Many of the new digital platforms require freelancers to act like cogs in a system, not individual creators. And most of all, they amplify the voice in our head that goes along with all of it, rationalizing that it’s better to be a cog than to have a day job.

Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur?

It's a choice. Freelancers get paid when they work, entrepreneurs build something bigger than themselves. They're both powerful ways to do your work, but they're different. Our goal today is for you to choose. To choose the path of the freelancer, and work to get better clients. Or choose the path of the entrepreneur and learn to bootstrap, to find a project that customers need so badly that they'll help you fund it.

You don’t have to settle

You don’t have to settle for being a cog.

You don’t have to settle for being easily categorized, sorted and ignored.

And you don’t have to settle for being the lowest bidder.

In fact, every successful freelancer has figured out how to make a living (and a difference) by following a simple but difficult principle: get better clients.

  • Better clients challenge you to do better work.
  • Better clients pay you fairly.
  • Better clients are eager to tell the others about what you’ve done for them.

I am (still) amazed that during every lesson I think “this is so hard…but so good!” and before the lesson is over, I have my (at least 1) aha moment. Every time. Without fail. The prompts are set up in a way that speaks to me. I really appreciate this style of learning. Thank you, Seth, for creating this platform. And thank all of you for participating.

The answer isn’t more hours

The reality is you can’t work more hours. And the stress of not knowing where your next gig is coming from is difficult and draining.

But here in this workshop you can work harder (and smarter) on the road to getting better clients.

Because you deserve better clients and you’re worthy of them. If you do the work you’re capable of, you will earn the trust and respect of the clients you seek to serve.

Join us in this step-by-step workshop that guides you as you move forward. Your work is worth it.

Thanks for showing me how to ask myself better questions so I can find my own answers. Additionally, thank you for connecting me with a generous community that helped me learn to be more generous. The workshop wouldn’t be the same without the participants. We helped each other learn, and grow. It was a life enhancing experience.

What the workshop is like

The Freelancer’s Workshop is built, like all of our popular seminars, on the Akimbo Workshop platform. That means you’ll be surrounded by others and spending most of your time working on your projects, your needs and your situation. And the rest of the time? You’ll be doing the work that leads to the most learning: teaching your peers what you know and helping them see a way forward. And they’ll be doing the same for you.

The workshop is self-paced and it’s open for 60 days. It’s short, focused and direct. You can’t fall behind. Our students are juggling full time work and other responsibilities. You can invest your effort over the 60 days when you’ve got the time and focus to do so.

The first rule of our workshops always applies: the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. We don’t give you a certificate or college credit, but something far more valuable: a different way to see your work.

There are more than 12 video lessons, but you’re not paying for a chance to watch some videos or learn some secrets.

Instead, you’re enrolling in a journey with hundreds of others, fellow freelancers in a hurry to make a difference. Your contributions to the cohort make the workshop succeed. They move everyone forward.

The workshop is packed with prompts to make you think deeply...There's no hiding from yourself and from where you really want to go. Taking the workshop is hard, but doing it helped me to solve even harder questions I struggled with and put off for over a year.
Jan Brinker

Through 12 lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Be seen as better rather than cheaper
  • Understand what drives clients you want to work with to hire you instead of someone else
  • Commit to the clients you want to work with without compromising
  • Do remarkable work rather than being a cog
  • Share your work in a way that gets other people to talk about it
  • Navigate merit and fear
  • Embrace the discomfort of imperfection
  • Charge what you deserve
  • Use tension and status to serve your clients
  • Say no in a generous way rather than saying yes and regretting it
  • Be found when you’re needed most by the clients you want to work with
  • And more…
I wasn't sure The Freelancer's Workshop was right for me. I mean, I'm just trying to write a book and then sell it, right? Oh, wrong. The information from Seth was helpful but the real value came from the collaboration with fellow workshoppers, amazing people from all over the world who provided kind support and gentle prodding. Because of this course, I've changed how I view my customers, my work, and myself. This one works thanks to the relationships and interactions that drive learning and accountability. And the connections don't end when the workshop ends--I've got an accountability buddy in Israel!

Who is the workshop for?

It’s not for cogs. And it’s not for people who simply want to make more money.

This workshop is for people who want to do the work of a passionate individual. Who want to do work that matters for clients who care.

It’s for people who know their best work is still inside them and they're ready to do the difficult work of sharing it with the world.

I’m spending 2 to 3 hours a day on this workshop - happily, I might add. I feel engaged, energized, challenged. I’m not falling behind on my art production, I’m not ignoring my exercise routine, or the community garden, or my husband. What in the hell was I doing with this time before the workshop? It’s really opened my eyes to the time I was frittering away on assorted things - some TV, some social media scrolling, some unnecessary reading, some little miscellaneous tasks. I can see now that the pace of this workshop is by design. It’s expanded my capacity to handle important things, to stay focused, to level up, and to drop the stuff I don’t need to be doing.
Joan Chamberlin

Pricing details

This workshop costs $295.

Timing details

You can sign up on October 15th, 2019. The first lesson goes live October 21st, 2019. The last day to join the workshop is October 29th, 2019. The discussion board will be open until December 20th, 2019.

You can finish the videos in the workshop in two weeks, but the workshop stays open for almost two more months so you can get the real benefit: the cohort, the discussions, the support from hundreds of people on the same journey.

Are you ready to get better clients?

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Deadline: October 29th, 2019
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